Summer Reading – Join the Fun!!

Once again WJES will be partnering with the county for our summer reading initiative. Please click here for the link to our summer reading website filled with links and activities for our students. You will find a link to the summer reading log that you can print out – or you can use the reading log from the public library of your choice. We encourage our students and their families to visit the public library during the summer months for activities, programs and of course BOOKS!  Completed reading logs are due Wednesday, August 7th.  Students who read the designated number of books or complete their 20 hours of reading, will be able to participate in a fun and exciting activity at their school.

For our upcoming 4th and 5th grade readers, we have an extra opportunity. Please click here to make a copy of the information about the TOME Society. The Tome Society, a non-profit organization that provides competition-based club activities for students in grades 4 –12.  “Club Tome” is the chapter level specific to fourth and fifth grades. Students who choose to join the club will spend their time reading outstanding books, answering questions about the books, and collaborating on digital projects to prepare them for various competitions.