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After School Program


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Laura Carolus


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Debbie Chambers


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Welcome to the WJES After School Program.  We are excited to be an educational part of your child’s life.  Our program meets from 2:25-6:00pm every school day and we are based within the school building.  We serve Pre-K to 5th grade.  Each day we provide your child with a snack, homework assistance and various activities.  Homework is one of our top priorities (other than safety).  We have access to the playground, gym, outdoor classroom, and cafeteria.   Some activities may include games, arts, crafts, movies.  Your child’s safety, wellness and education are our top priorities.  We look forward to working with your child.

WJES After School Program Handbook (Please print and return the parent signature page to WJES)

Due to the limited number of students we can serve in the After School Program,  we will conduct a lottery drawing for participants in the program.  If you would like for your student to be included in the drawing for a spot in the After School program, please complete this form before midnight on 5/15/2023. Forms will be collected through midnight on  5/15/2023 and a drawing will be completed on  5/18/2023. Drawings will be done by family and families will be contacted on 5/18/2023 with information about selections.  Any student not initially selected will be placed on a waitlist and may be selected as spots become available.  If you complete this form after  5/15/2023, you will automatically be placed on the waitlist for the After School Program.   By completing and electronically signing this form, and accepting a spot in the After School Program, you are agreeing to pay the yearly registration fee of $15.00 and $35.00 flat fee per child per week, regardless if they attend each day. Each week will need to be paid in advance prior to the week attending.

WJES After School Program Pre-Registration Form

Make payments for the After School Program using SCHOOL PAY.

(Click HERE for School Pay Information.)