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Media Center

Media Center



Rebecca West

Media Specialist




Kristina Deck


Kristina Deck

Media Paraprofessional

Media Center Philosophy

The media center serves as the hub of the instructional program at West Jackson Elementary School.  The purpose of the media center is to provide a safe and caring learning environment for students and staff to become effective users of ideas and information.  In addition, the media center provides opportunities for students to become critical seekers of knowledge, users of media in all formats, and independent, lifelong learners who are productive members of an ever-changing global community. Students and staff freely access the facility throughout the day for a variety of needs. Students visit the library individually, in small groups, or as a whole class.  The media specialist collaborates with classroom teachers to integrate information literacy skills into meaningful contexts.  The WJES media center exists to provide a wide variety of materials and resources to extend and complement the curriculum presented in the classroom.  The goal of the WJES media center is to provide a comfortable environment where students, staff, and community members feel free to read, ask questions, express opinions, and explore ideas.

Media Center Mission Statement

The mission of the WJES Media Center is to provide a student-centered environment that inspires a passion for knowledge, encourages students and staff to become effective users of technology to enhance both teaching and learning, and empowers students to be critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers and ethical users of information.  

Media Center Procedures

The Library Media Center is open to all students, faculty, and parents throughout the school day.  Students visit the media center to work on many different activities including research and technology projects, makerspace, or to check-out and read books.  We have an automated circulation system and automated catalog. Please note that the eBook and audiobook titles listed in our West Jackson Elementary School Destiny Library Catalog include some titles that are available only to our middle and high school students.  Elementary students only have access to check out and read print and digital books that are a part of our elementary collection. The library collection is available on this website.

Kindergarten can check out 1 book at a time. 1st and 2nd grade students are allowed to check out 2 books at a time.   3rd-5th grade students may have 3 books checked out at a time.   Books are checked out to students for a two-week period. At the end of the two weeks, books should either be returned or brought in and checked out again. A book that has been overdue for a month (and therefore checked out for six weeks) is considered lost. Students must return, renew, or begin paying for the lost book before additional books are checked out.